Percentage Boer Goats


Longhorn Lazy Eight Ranch raises percentage Boer goats, to produce a goat that is great for both milk and meat production. Our goats are all pasture raised, pasture fed, pasture bred, and unaltered. We do not castrate, or disbud (dehorn) our goats.

Breeding & Raising Percentage Boer Goats.

Our prime breeding buck Is Alexander, a pure bred Saanen dairy goat. While our nannies are percentage Boer (Boer mixed with other breeds). In our case they all have different types of dairy bloodlines, Nigerian, LaMancha & Nubian, mixed with the Boer so we get goats that produce a good milk quantity and quality as well as a heavier body for meat production. This also helps produce a goat that has a great personality. Friendly, easy to handle and smart, as well as playful and easy keepers. They are all raised "forage first" turned out in the main pasture (shown above) to feed on native grasses and plants, as well as pecans, fruits, berries, etc. Then brought up to the barn yard and paddock at night where they are able to lounge under a majestic live oak and nibble on native pasture grass and bed down for the night